Props Plugs & Tool


Code Component Weight (kg) Milimeter
P12 Prop 27.9 3658
P13 Prop 30.8 4050
PE Prop Extension 1000


Code Component
P10 Pioneer DropHead
Mach Deck Component


Code Component
ADT Assembly and Disassembly Tool
ADTL H Long Handle for ADT
SB Stripping Bar
ISB Inertia Stripping Bar

Filim-Faced Plywood Panel

Code Component Weight (kg) Imperial
P42-ng Panel 20.97 4′ x 2′
P62-ng Panel 34.7 6′ x 2′
P82-ng Panel 37.1 8′ x 2′
P44-ng Panel 30.8 4′ x 4′
P64-ng Panel 48.6 6′ x 4′
P84-ng Panel 54.5 8′ x 4′

Beams and Hangers

Filler Beams

Code Component Weight (kgs) Imperial
EF2-ng End Filler 5 2′
EF4-ng End Filler 8 4′
SF4-ng Side Filler 6.9 4′
SF6-ng Side Filler 9.5 6′
SF8-ng Side Filler 12.1 8′
FB2x4 Filler Bracket 2×4 3 Way    
UGL Universal Gravity Lock    

Telescopic Beams

Code Component Millimeter
TSB3S Swivel Telescopic Beam 914
TSB5S Swivel Telescopic Beam 1524
TSB10S Swivel Telescopic Beam 3048

Telescopic Beam Hanger

Code Component
ADT Assembly and Disassembly Tool
ADTL H Long Handle for ADT

Cantilever, Guard Rail & Post and Gate Brace


Code Component
CP Cantilever Post
CPE Cantilever Post Extension
EMS Edge Mounting Shoe
SGR Slab Grab
EPC End Panel Connector
SPC Side Panel Connector

Guard Rail Panel and Post

Code Component Weight (kgs) Imperial
GRP Guard Rail Post   4′
GR4 Guard Rail Post 15.7 4′
GR6 Guard Rail Panel 24.9 6′
GR8 Guard Rail Panel 32.6 8′
GRPC Guard Rail Prop Connector  

Gate Brace

Code Component Weight (kgs) Imperial
GB4 Gate Brace 14.7 4′
GB6 Gate Brace 14.5 6′
GB8 Gate Brace 24.2 8′

Beams, Hangers and Braces


Code Component Imperial
SB4 S-Beam 4′
SB6 S-Beam 6′
SB8 S-Beam 8′
SBP S-Beam Pin  
SBC S-Beam Coupler c.w. Load Pin  


Code Component Imperial
CCB4 Cross Brace 4′
CCB6 Cross Brace 6′
CCB8 Cross Brace 8′

Safety Items

Code Component
SC Safety Chain
SRP Safety Red Pin