Modular Shoring System

Mäch Deck Shoring System is a high octane, high performance engineered modular panel shoring system. Technocraft offers more erection, stripping and financial satisfaction than can never be expected from conventional shoring systems. It begins with rigid panel construction that enhances handling. The sharply honed Prop with its integrated drop-head puts you in control and helps to ensure confident erection and ease of stripping, while back-propping remains undisturbed. These advantages result in a high rate of production. The Panel and Prop with engineered automatic wind lock provide job safety with a rigid interlocking system that prevents tipping during erection even without bracing. The system is designed to withstand wind loads near hurricane force. The standard Modular Shoring System is a unique system erected from the working floor up to a height of 16’6”/5030. The system can accommodate drop bands, drop heads and it’s design allows for all interruptions. This brochure will show you the simplicity of our Shoring System as well as the minimum number of components required for the erection process.

On a grid of 1220×2440 system can support 355* of concrete including live load with a safety factor of 3:1.
On a grid of 1830×1220 system can support 558* of concrete including live load with safety factor of 3: 1.
On a grid of 1220×1220 system can support 863* of concrete including live load with a safety factor of 3:1.
*Prop rating at a height of 3505

This Modular Shoring System is an engineered modular panel shoring system which offers faster erection and stripping time than conventional shoring systems, directly increases financial return.

The rigid construction of the Panel enhances handling and durability. The Prop, with its integrated Drop-head, ensures confident assembly and ease of stripping from the floor below, while backpropping remains undisturbed.

The automatic wind lock design of the Panel and Prop prevents tipping during erection. The Modular Shoring System has resisted gale force wind loads.

The inner rod of the Assembly/Disassembly Tool (ADT) has holes to accept a locking pin for adjustment. The ADT knob is inserted into the hole in the inside strut of the panel. Once the tool is inserted, the panel is rotated (lifted) into the horizontal position and supports the panel until the Prop is installed

Mach Deck Systems
Mach Deck Systems
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Slab Decking System – Key Feature

Mäch’s Slab Decking System will be very effective for obtaining a 3-4 day slab cycle for a typical project. The shuttering speed clocked till date is approx 300 sq. ft. per person hour and de-shuttering at 600 sq. ft. per person hour. The panels are automatically wind locked during assembly which is very important at heights. The number of components is the lowest as compared to any system which is essential when working at great height.

Some of the key features are:

  • Modular design. Mäch Deck can be easily expanded and reduced for changing slab heights and areas.
  • Mäch Deck is safely erected and stripped from the floor below.
  • Mäch Deck’s Panels can be removed at 2000 psi without disturbing props or concrete.
  • Mäch Deck’s Panels are wind locked automatically during assembly and this is a very important factor when using slab decking in areas prone to high winds.
  • Mäch Deck can be erected in any or all of 4 directions simultaneously.
  • Mäch Deck requires no “x” bracing.
  • The 2 main components, Panel & Prop, automatically interlock against strong wind loads.
  • Mäch Deck’s heaviest component, an 2440 X 1220 panel, can be carried by any 2 people.
  • Mäch Deck is ACI, OSHA, NSI, SSFI, ANSI, and BSI compliant.
  • Mäch Deck can erect any type of building or parking garage.
  • Mäch Deck’s Telescopic, Side, and End Filler Beams make shoring around columns and other interruptions easy, efficient, and cost-effective.
  • Mäch Deck’s components are not welded.
  • Mäch Deck’s Components are sturdy and durable for ease of handling and longevit
Mach Deck System


Safe, Fast, Efficient

Below are the three simple steps* to erect the our Modular Shoring System from the safety of working floor.

Step 1

The Panel is hung onto the Prop

Step 2Step 2
The Panel is rotated (lifted) to the horizontal position and supported with the ADT

Step 3Next the Prop is slipped into position, locking into and supporting the Panel

Erection continues by repeating steps 1, 2 and 3.

Mäch Deck Shoring System is unique system erected from the working floor up to a height of 4050mm. With Prop Extension the system can be erected up to a height of 5050mm. For higher floors see the Pioneer System on page 10. The Shoring can accommodate drop bands, drop heads and its design allows for all interruptions.

The Prop with its integrated Drop-head ensures ease of erection and stripping, while back propping remains undisturbed. Our Prop i s avail able 4050 mm. In addition, there is a Prop Extension which, when coupled with a Prop, allows for additional height of 5050 mm.

The Panel features Fasteners which allows for the KD (knocked down) option for container shipping overseas. This also makes it a snap for qualified personnel to replace damaged components.