About us

Technocraft Australia Pty. Ltd. was established to better serve the needs of our customer base by establishing Australian scaffold stocking yards. Technocraft Australia Pty Ltd distributes products made by Technocraft Industries (India) Ltd.

Prior to the formation of Technocraft Australia Pty Ltd, sales of Technocraft scaffold and related products in Australia were exclusively direct factory to customer, full containerized shipments. Technocraft Australia Pty Ltd still coordinates these direct factory shipments but we also stock product in Australia to better meet immediate customer requirements.

Technocraft believes in total, in house manufacturing. All aspects associated with manufacturing scaffolding from tube forming, forging, welding, galvanizing, painting, electroplating and powder coating are performed in their own factories in India and China. Technocraft is an approved supplier for many of the large US based, industrial service, construction, and scaffold companies and contractors. Technocraft is also an approved supplier to many companies within the European Union who specialize in access related services.

All Technocraft system scaffolding is tested and certified in accordance with European EN 12810/12811. We have tested Quickstage, Ringlock, Cuplock, Props, Couplers as per appropriate Australian standards.